Who is the Blind Man?

A narrative story based on the blind man of John chapter 9 Scene 1 He was blind from birth Black darkness is all he ever knew. From birth he had no capacity to see. Light had never penetrated the man's perception.  Nothing but black darkness.  Blind. Worse than that, he existed. ... That’s all.  He simply existed. … Continue reading Who is the Blind Man?

“Men abhorred the offering of the Lord”

It’s an all too common theme.  So and so has “quit the meeting,” says one person.  “Why?” asks another.  “Use your imagination and choose one of a hundred reasons,” says I.  It’s such a common thing that I’m sure we can think of at least one or two reasons we've heard (or used).  Now, there are clearly … Continue reading “Men abhorred the offering of the Lord”

A Father, a Son, and the Birth of a Bride

It is my belief that every story, page, chapter and verse in the Bible is intended to teach us about the Son of God.  Luke 24:27 pretty much spells this out as fact.  But it's not hard to "see" some connection from the Old Testament to the New Testament that, maybe on occasion, perhaps, possibly, hypothetically … Continue reading A Father, a Son, and the Birth of a Bride