Peter and his nets

I've recently gained new insight from a Bible story I've written about before on Sheepfood (Peter and The Leper) and thought I'd write about it. Have you ever fooled yourself into believing you were being obedient when, in fact, in your heart you were rebellious? I think it probably happens more often than we realize. … Continue reading Peter and his nets

The Lord in the Wilderness (part 2)

Click here for The Lord in the Wilderness (part 1) In part 1 of this article it was discussed that the Lord's temptation in the wilderness was not a test to see whether or not he would succumb to the devil, but rather, it was to demonstrate to us that He wouldn't. In part 2, … Continue reading The Lord in the Wilderness (part 2)

Wine, a Wedding and the Universe

A co-worker once asked me, "In light of all the science available, how can an intelligent person like you buy into the creation myth?"  He was referring to my belief in the literal Biblical account of six twenty-four hour periods when God created everything.  My answer surprised him.  I said the simple phrase, "initial conditions," and after a pause (I knew I … Continue reading Wine, a Wedding and the Universe

A Father, a Son, and the Birth of a Bride

It is my belief that every story, page, chapter and verse in the Bible is intended to teach us about the Son of God.  Luke 24:27 pretty much spells this out as fact.  But it's not hard to "see" some connection from the Old Testament to the New Testament that, maybe on occasion, perhaps, possibly, hypothetically … Continue reading A Father, a Son, and the Birth of a Bride