Days, Feasts and the Crucifixion

Many don't realize there are more sabbaths described in the Old Testament than simply every 7th day of the week.  In addition, it is helpful to understand that the Hebrew days were counted from sunset to sunset rather than midnight to midnight as they are in modern times. Putting these things together may serve to … Continue reading Days, Feasts and the Crucifixion

Practical Teaching

"For We Shall See Him As He Is" Practical teaching addresses a very real concern: that of sin in the believer’s life. It seeks to equip the faithful in Christ to have "victory" in his life over sin and to help him achieve practical holiness. But there is great confusion today over what teaching is … Continue reading Practical Teaching

God’s Judgment

There's this belief in the world that God's judgment means great miraculous events like fire and brimstone raining from heaven on Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen 19:24), or inexplicable plagues of sickness and swarms of creatures and storms in sequence to destroy a nation's economy as happened to Egypt (Exodus 7-12), ... always something big and spectacular. But the greatest and most frightening of … Continue reading God’s Judgment