Days, Feasts and the Crucifixion

Many don’t realize there are more sabbaths described in the Old Testament than simply every 7th day of the week.  In addition, it is helpful to understand that the Hebrew days were counted from sunset to sunset rather than midnight to midnight as they are in modern times. Putting these things together may serve to clear up some obvious confusion regarding the day the Lord Jesus was crucified.


(download chart)

Hopefully, this chart will be an encouragement to read and study this topic. Not so you will simply be better informed about the timing of these events. I honestly don’t believe it is all that consequential whether we believe His death was on “Thursday” or “Friday.” It is essential, however, to believe that the Lord Jesus died and then rose from the dead “according to the Scriptures” (1 Cor 15:3-4). And it is my belief that when one sees the beauty and precision of the Scriptures, he is built up in his/her faith.

It has confused countless people over the centuries to say that Friday to Sunday is 3 days. It’s not. No matter how you count it, it’s not 3 days. Is the Scripture wrong? Was the Lord Jesus wrong in his prophesy in Mat 12:40? Or is, maybe, the centuries old tradition wrong?

Who could say how any tradition really starts? And who cares. It is undeniably wise for us to study the Scriptures for ourselves and to question any traditions that seem to contradict the written Word of God. Through prayerful and patient study of God’s Word you will either confirm the tradition is correct, or you will discover the tradition is wrong. Either way, you will be built up in your knowledge of God’s Word — and hopefully, as a result, be drawn closer to the Savior (all Scripture is really about Him!). And isn’t this really His desire? (see The Meaning of Life)

By way of example, studying the “Feasts of Jehovah” from Leviticus 23 is what lead me to a better understanding of the timing of the crucifixion. But more than that, in the process, I learned tons of other things. Some of them are discussed on this web site: see The Last Trump, The Rapture (and for some more on the Sabbaths, What’s this Sabbath all about?)

-J. Wilbur

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