Days, Feasts and the Crucifixion

Many don't realize there are more sabbaths described in the Old Testament than simply every 7th day of the week.  In addition, it is helpful to understand that the Hebrew days were counted from sunset to sunset rather than midnight to midnight as they are in modern times. Putting these things together may serve to … Continue reading Days, Feasts and the Crucifixion

The Day of Atonement

                     The Day of Atonement Into the holiest of all the high priest alone could go And what transpired beyond that veil no other mortal know To sprinkle blood before the Lord and make atonement here And only he not without blood could enter once a … Continue reading The Day of Atonement

Morning Musings: The Prism

                                            Morning Musings: The Prism We have a window in our kitchen that faces East.  As the sun rises on a cloudless morning, the rays of sunshine pass through the window falling upon many little prisms that are attached by thread to the curtain that overhangs the window.  This morning, as I walked passed the … Continue reading Morning Musings: The Prism